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Sales and Service Center

  • Head Office : -
    Leksa Lighting Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    Ashwathpura Road, Moodbidri
    Mangaluru, Karnataka, India – 574227
    Contact: Mr Royal Peter
    E-mail: roy@leksalighting.com
    Phone: +91- 78995 43210

  • East and North East Region : -

    West Bengal and North East States : -
    Contact: Mr. Prabir Datta
    Email: prabir@leksalighting.com

    Odisha and Jharkand : -
    Contact: Mr Frankith Mascarenhas
    Email: frank@leksalighting.com

  • West Region : -

    Contact: Mr. Shridhar Sahu
    E-mail: shridhar@leksalighting.com

    Contact: Rahul Mishra
    E-mail: rahul.raj@leksalighting.com

  • South Region :-

    Bangalore : -
    Contact: Mr. Manoj
    E-mail: manoj@leksalighting.com

    Hyderabad : -
    Contact: T Narasimha Murthy
    E-mail: tnm@leksalighting.com

  • North Region : -

    Contact: Mr. Rahul Masand
    E-mail: rahul@leksalighting.com

    Contact: Mr. Kapil Maheshwari
    E-mail: kapil@leksalighting.com

  • All India Trade : -

    Contact: Mr. Avanish Pratap Singh
    E-mail: a.singh@leksalighting.com

Dealers and Distributor

  • Bangalore : -
    AWAN India Pvt Ltd (Project)
    Contact: Mr. Prasad
    E mail : sales@awan.co.in

    Hansa Pictures Pvt Ltd (Project and Retail)
    Contact: Mr Kalpesh
    E mail: sales@hansagroup.in

  • Mumbai : -
    Shivam Cine Lights (Project)
    Contact: Mr. Sudesh Kotian
    Email: sudeshleksa@gmail.com

    Velocity Lighting Professional Solutions (Retail)
    Contact: Mr. Nilesh Chawla
    Email: velocitysound.light@gmail.com

    Hansa Pictures Pvt Ltd (Project and Retail)
    Contact: Mr Surag Shah
    Email: sales@hansagroup.in

  • Goa : -
    Sanaya Energy LLP (Project)
    Contact: Mr Ketan
    Email: info@sanayaenergy.com

  • Kolkata : -
    Benchmark Infotech Services Pvt. Ltd. (Project)
    Contact: Mr. Vineet Gupta
    E-mail: talktoviny@yahoo.co.in

    National Electric Corporation (Retail)
    Contact: Mr Vinod Bhatia
    Email: nationalelectriccorp@gmail.com

  • Hyderabad : -
    Vector Systems (Project)
    Contact: Mr Suneel YJ
    Email: suneel.yj@vectorsystems.in

    Lights N Lights (Retail)
    Contact: Mr Aravind
    Email: aravindlights@gmail.com

    Hansa Pictures Pvt Ltd (Project and Retail)
    Contact: Varun Shah
    Email: varun@hansagroup.in

  • New Delhi : -
    Capital Cine Lights (Retail)
    Contact: Mr Pramod Khanna
    Email: capitalcinesupply@gmail.com

    Engeneum Energy
    Contact: Mr Himanshu Koppal
    Email: hmk@engeneum.in

  • Ambala : -
    Jagat Jeet Traders (Retail)
    Contact: Mr Rajinder Singh
    Email: jagatjeettraders@gmail.com

  • Chennai : -
    Decodynamics Solutions L.L.P (Project)
    Contact: Mr. Samuel
    Email: samuel@decodynamics.com

  • Coimbatore : -
    Hansa Pictures Pvt Ltd (Project and Retail)
    Contact: Sachin K Shah
    Email: sachin@hansagroup.in

  • Guntur : -
    Ampere (Retail)
    Contact: Ajjaruddin Shaik
    Email: askampere@gmail.com